Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Dinner

Cooked dinner for the first time in our new house today! I made a pot of collard greens and some cheesy grits, then just included fried chicken from Albertson's (best grocery store fried chicken ever). It was pretty good, although the grits weren't the best I've ever made.

I also tried to think about New Year's resolutions. I made a resolution that I would try to do meatless Mondays. Then (as shown above), I promptly forgot that it was Monday. Next week! My other resolutions are:

1. Take my multivitamin.
2. Don't get so stressed out all the time.

We'll see how it all goes. Happy New Year!


  1. Were the turnip greens from fresh?

  2. Yes, they were! I cook a pretty decent pot of greens, although this one did come out slightly too salty.