Saturday, May 8, 2010

99 Things to Eat in LA - Bob's Coffee and Donuts

A couple of months ago, LA Weekly came out with a 99 Things to Eat in LA before you die list, compiled by Jonathan Gold (who is a Pulitzer prize winning food author - he wrote the book Counter Intelligence: Where to Eat in the Real Los Angeles). We also sort of similar food tastes. For example, he doesn't refuse to eat at Tito's Tacos, insisting that it isn't authentic (like so many LA "foodies", but I digress).

I am not planning to eat everything on the list, but I did take the interesting sounding ones off and make my own list. I'm a compulsive list-maker, it's what I do. God bless the 'Notes' section of my iPhone.

Anyway. One item was the plain donut from Bob's Coffee and Donuts. I have eaten here before, it's at the LA farmer's market. This place really is fantastic. It is simple and to the point. There is coffee, I guess probably a few other beverages, donuts, and some coffee cake. The coffee does not come in varieties (besides decaf), and the menu is not cluttered up with non-pastries. The coffee cake I had previously was really great. The donut I had today was probably better.

This stuff is also cheap as all get-out, I think the donut and coffee cost me maybe $1.50. Eat This, which is another book I'm rather fond of, raves about their apple fritters. Not really up my alley, but some day I plan to get one for Travis, who does love a good apple/pastry combo.

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